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According to a 2008 study by ComScore, YouTube was used for 2.6 billion searches, 200 million more searches than Yahoo.  Many people are surprised to learn that the most popular video sharing site, YouTube, is also the second most popular search engine on the Internet.  Making owning a promotional on-line video a have-to in the real world.

As online video has become more popular, search engines (especially Google) are now showing YouTube videos as results.  So what exactly does this mean?
Imagine an individual is driving through town and decides to search for a restaurant, sporting store etc.  Using their smart phone, they go to Google type in their selection plus the city they are in and up comes their available choices.  If you have a video on your site and also on YouTube, Google will make that video available as a result plus available to be seen on their cell phone!  Owning a marketing/promotional tool such as this is just like having a sales person available to meet with potential clients 24/7 - 365!

In 2-4 minutes an On-line Promotional Video can show and tell the story of your business by using client testimonials, an inside view of your business and a personal message from you (on or off camera).  What your business has to offer and why should someone choose you?  Let an OPV tell exactly what & why that is to; anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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